PARTNERSHIPS: Pre-conditions, principles, practices

Partnerships are collaborative efforts for a purpose. But calling them a ‘partnership’ signals a higher quality relationship. How you collaborate then merits as much attention as what you collaborate for. Higher quality relationships come with higher expectations and potentially stronger emotional under- or overtones. While such relationships can be governed by formal agreements (contracts, Memorandum of Understanding…), there will -inevitably- be moments when difficult moments will arise in the relationship. Co-created and agreed partnership principles provide general behavioural guidance for such moments. But they will require practical interpretation when a dificult situation arises. Several of which can be anticipated - and further practical guidance agreed upon. When entering into a new partnership is a good time to reflect on such principles and practices, as it renders more explicit some of the behavioural expectations in the relationship. But many partnerships have existed for a while without principles. It may be helpful to introduce them when tensions have risen. The skill will then be to sense when the parties concerned are receptive to it. Read more here