WORLD WORK AND INNER WORK: How are we doing?

Whatever your current age, one thing is clear: everything is not well with our world.

The time we could say “it’s not my problem” is over. We may try to ignore the wider world – but the wider world does not ignore us. If not today, tomorrow for sure, technological, economic, political, security and social changes will impact on our life. Our personal choices now truly have wider impact.  So we need to ask ourselves how our work, our consumption and our behaviours influence the state of our community, our society, global relations and the sustainabiltiy of our diverse eco-systems.

Such ‘world work’ requires a good level of self- and social awareness, and an ability to see the bigger picture. That often comes with personal development beyond the professional ‘technical-thematic’ development that we mostly get through our formal work environments. It also takes some extra energy, and can be frustrating as we are up against powerful trends and forces. We can’t afford to become pessimistic, let alone burn out. So we also need to find our ways of re-energising and re-source-ing ourselves. We are in it for the long haul.

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