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Organisations are ‘ice-bergs’: The visible aspects such as structure, policies, procedures, assets, cash flow and reserves etc. are an important but only partial aspect of an organisation. Much of what influences its actual performance is ‘invisible’, ‘intangible’, ‘below the waterline’.

Our Mission

GMI is a values-based organisation that provides facilitation, individual, team, and organisational coaching support, supports interagency collaboration through partnership brokering, and offers advisory, training, review, evaluation, and research services in certain thematic and methodological areas, to organisations working in complex and volatile contexts.

We collaborate with a network of mentors and coaches who can accompany and support the organisational and team strengthening of civil society and business sector and others who provide robust and accountable response in emergencies and development to affected populations.

We facilitate knowledge sharing between mentors for forward learning and promoting best practice. 


Our Approach

Our engagement is based on certain fundamental premises that come out of our own experiences but also solid confirmation from organisations, management literature produced by business schools and management consultancies.  

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