Navigation360 is a sub-division of the Global Mentoring Initiative, specialised in working in and on conflict.

You are working in conflict situations, providing relief, maintaining some developmental work, conducting business. How do you manage the risks from that operating environment towards you, and how do you ensure that your actions in that environment do not fuel the divisions, antagonisms and conflicts, or create new ones?

You want to go further, and work on the drivers of conflict, also strengthening the locally available capacities for violence reduction and greater peacefulness.

We can help you with:

Analysis: Of contexts, drivers of conflict and capacities for peace & what must be learned from what has been tried.
Design: Of intervention strategies, often as multi-stakeholder processes requiring flexible and adaptive management.
Assessment: Developing frameworks for the effective assessment of concept notes and programme proposals.
Monitoring, reflective practice & periodic reviews: Learning-in-action for quick feedback and adaptive or responsive action; with conflict sensitivity.
Evaluation: Of the relevance and fit of strategies or particular actions-in-context, of their effectiveness and outcomes, of the quality of relationship between collaborating entities. As a utilisation and learning-oriented exercise.
Research and research coordination: With an orientation towards participatory research & action research.

Feedback Working in and on conflict

“Working with Koenraad was an enriching experience. His participatory and collaborative approach makes his interlocutor feel comfortable and open to questions and discussions. He listens well and therefore asks appropriate questions taking his interlocutor step by step along the way and starting processes of joint reflection. He is sensitive to cultural differences and shows it in his choice of words. He continuously assesses the ambiance and is very aware of his interlocutors’ reactions even when assisted by a translator. He has a positive and easy going yet professional attitude and is flexible and ready for sudden changes of plans. The collaboration was very well appreciated.”

                                                                            Programme coordinator, Geneva Call Lebanon

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work that has gone into this product and, more importantly, the very open, participatory and consultative approach that was taken for the analysis, including building the capacity of the local stakeholders. It seems like the Peace and Development Analysis has created significant peace building momentum – just as we hoped – and has led to some interesting discussions on the state of peace in Bougainville today and the key issues and priorities which remain.”

          Senior UN Peace building Support Office Official

 “The training was well structured and there was a good balance between listening and participating. I found the materials provided to be both relevant and effective in making us think concretely about the challenges and benefits of public participation [...] The course enabled people with very different backgrounds or experience to work together. No one shied away from providing input. The good level of interactivity will ensure that I remember the insights I gained throughout the day.”

                        Participants in a one-day course on ‘Public Participation and Citizen Engagement for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

“I would like to thank you for making possible the workshop on conflict sensitivity we had last week. From the feedback I received from colleagues, I got the idea that the success was in the very practical approach taken by you - focusing on how conflict sensitivity applies to our work.”

            Focal point on conflict sensitivity within the Department for Humanitarian Affairs and Stability, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“Thanks so much for your dedication, patience and insightful approach to this evaluation. It is now up to us to make sure we act on the recommendations. You have been extremely gracious and professional despite a challenging process - you have inspired me to try and emulate these great qualities during challenging times I now have with another client.”

                                                                                  Evaluation advisor Norwegian Church Aid

“I think the set of questions you shared are very useful and are needed for our mission. I hope our Chief of Mission can take them on. I also find them useful for the regular Project Management meetings we organise with project partners every three months.”

  Michiko Ito, Programme Manager Migration Governance, International Organisation for Migration in Myanmar