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Human Potential Forum - Geneva, Switzerland, Château de Bossey

Synchronizing individual and collective purpose and opening a path to lasting culture change

“Help your team to thrive not just to survive”

In the last ten years of my working life, I have seen that many teams (especially in the non-profit sector) work in very difficult conditions under tremendous pressure and stress. They are just surviving. I've also observed how these external challenges often have negative consequences at a personal or interpersonal level, such as burnout, workplace harassment, breakdown in trust and relationships. We try to mitigate these by putting in place well-intentioned safeguarding procedures and policies, however, I have come to realize that these are only one dimension and temporary fixes at best. Too often the same issues resurface again and again because policies and procedures are not enough without change in attitude and mindsets.

 I have come to the conclusion that the real solution must involve re-thinking and re-inventing the work environment we create as leaders and as team members. Only then will we be able to truly serve our staff, partners and communities in a sustainable way.

I have been exploring what this concretely means and how to go about facilitating these kinds of changes. I am now convinced that the solution is actually much simpler (not necessarily easier) than the equally important safeguarding policy approaches. If we want to rebuild trust & resilience within teams and with our external stakeholders, there is a need to be more focused on WHO we want to be and HOW we want to BE with each other.   Sustainable change starts at a personal BEING level and the focus must be on shifting our attitudes and mindsets vs adding new layers of controls and policies.

Imagine a team or organization choosing to BECOME more aware of team potential, investing in shared team values and standards of BEING and employees applying their true potential in their day to day job, or being more compassionate while focusing on the greater good of the people they serve. What might then naturally unfold in terms of new work environment, actions, strategies, vision and ultimately purpose?

 GMI is now partnering with Being at Full Potential to explore “new” approaches to dealing with organizational pressures and stress and evolving and strengthening organizational and team cultures. Our motto is: When the BEING comes alive, the DOING thrives. If this is of interest to you, then please consider joining us at the two-day Human Potential Forum in Geneva, Château de Bossey, where you and your colleagues can try out and experiment with these new approaches in a safe and playful environment. In addition to having a deeply fulfilling personal experience, you will also walk away with new tools and practical tips to inspire a more BEING focused approach within your teams and organisations. If you are ready to try out something new and BECOME the change you want to see in the world, register here. Fee concession is available for non-profit sector on case by case basis.

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