Coaching, Mentoring and Accompaniment

Individual, Team, Organisational Development

If your team is dysfunctional; your unit or organisation is facing a difficult change process; you are struggling in your collaboration with other organisations; your self-confidence is low, and you are unclear where you want to go and how to get there? We can help you if you are ready to address the situation. Wherever you are will be the entry point. We draw on techniques from Partnership Brokering, Being-at-Full Potential, Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, and Mindfulness-in-Action, to create the positive atmosphere and energy that will allow you to find your way out of the impasse towards a brighter situation.


Mentoring and coaching

Mentoring is on-the-job accompaniment, of individuals or teams, to guide and support their learning-by-doing. More effective but more time consuming than a training session.
Unlike mentors, coaches do not provide guidance and do not demonstrate how something can be done. They believe that the answers are within individuals or teams and help them discover those by asking questions and creating the space for their discovery and decision.

Design &  develop and (co-) deliver an entire training or contribute to yours with particular sessions.
On different thematic aspects of conflict reduction and peace work, and governance improvement.
Based on adult learning principles

Learning events & opportunities 
Learning events can be in other formats than ‘training’ – the most common being the ‘workshop’. But many events or tasks (participatory analysis, reviews, evaluations, partnership discussions etc.) can and should be turned into learning opportunities.
Organisational development support and advice

Team Assessment Measures.jpg

The overall performance of individuals and teams is dependent not just on their ‘capacities’ but on the wider organisational ‘atmosphere’ or ‘culture’ and strategic management in a rapidly changing world. We can support you with

  • The design and facilitation of strategic analysis & planning processes and their consolidation in communication products

  • The development of an active learning culture that goes beyond ‘knowledge management’, or with the consolidation and communication of particular areas of thematic and comparative learning

  • Human resource development: cross-sectional communication and collaboration, effective teams, an enabling and motivating atmosphere and culture, positive leadership.

Client Feedback

Thanks so much for helping me to find myself again. I really appreciate it. I believe I am now on the right path towards full recovery. I am also convinced I am able to continue on the positive path with the insights you gave me. I am really grateful that you choose to help me on this journey that can sometimes be lonely and challenging.

I would say that you are really insightful. you have a unique way of helping your clients to find solutions to their own challenges. Further, you have a talent in healing them to have confidence in their own unique qualifications and abilities.

Feedback on Coaching - NGO leader

I wanted to thank you for providing us with an open atmosphere that was conducive to different types of exchange. You brought out positive thoughts/reflections from many of us. The calm and serenity with which you approached the challenging/hurtful conversations was desperately needed. I only regret that we did not have an additional day to get through more of the muddy waters! "

“I have very much appreciated your ‘savoir être’. You reminded me of who I am and where I would like to go. You reawakened my courage and confidence that I can and will find my way and that I have to go for it.”

Participants in a team coaching retreat

“If your organisation is looking for a genuine, generous and thoughtful organisational consultant, with diverse tools and frameworks at hand, then Koenraad is the person you seek. Particularly because he also has strong listening and sensing skills and thinks creatively and strategically. His approach is such that it enables learning for the team and for everyone within it. Working with him was both a valuable experience and a delight.”

Jean Paul Chami, Founder and Director at Peace Labs (Lebanon)

“We asked Koenraad on very short notice to support us with our annual retreat. He was confronted with challenging team dynamics, but he managed, over the two days, to unlock certain blockages within our team and planted promising seeds for change and sustainability. We liked his thoughtful and holistic approach and his facilitation style. Koenraad is very good at sensing people and situations and navigating teams in a wise and non-obtrusive way through stormy situations to help them to find a more balanced mind-set.”                               

Marc Probst, director SAD

Thank you for your excellent programme this weekend. In our post-event survey 84% of participants rated the facilitation as very to extremely professional, while 92% of participants rated the retreat as very to extremely effective. This feedback speaks for itself!”

Survey among 15 Chairs of Boards of Wikimedia national chapters

Despite having worked in non-government sector over many years, I have not had a chance to fully comprehend how to grow professionally and felt somewhat hopeless sometimes. The Human Potential Assessment results gave me a brutally honest picture of where I am right now. The outstanding thing about the tool is it gave me not only clear diagnosis of current status but helped me to vision what I can achieve. (Those arrows and colour panels are so useful!) Having coaching conversations with Smruti was another step to own my present and future.

NGO staff in Myanmar