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Organisations are ‘ice-bergs’: The visible aspects such as structure, policies, procedures, assets, cash flow and reserves etc. are an important but only partial aspect of an organisation. Much of what influences its actual performance is ‘invisible’, ‘intangible’, ‘below the waterline’.


We envision a world in which Civil Society actors have the capacity to influence policy and practice at national and international level to effect social change. 

Our Mission

We exist to build a network of mentors who can accompany and support the organisational strengthening of National and local civil society actors and others who provide robust and accountable response in emergencies and development to affected populations.

We ensure a sufficient and sustainable pool of well-trained mentors who are able to support civil society actors through a holistic approach.

We provide a platform as a key resource to connect civil society actors with mentors for durable collaboration and experience sharing.

We facilitate knowledge sharing between mentors for forward learning and promoting best practice. 


Our Approach

Our engagement is based on certain fundamental premises that come out of our own experiences but also solid confirmation from organisations, management literature produced by business schools and management consultancies.  

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