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Testimonies from Clients


Christine Magistretti-Naville, Chair of the Board, IFPD

The Board and staff of IFPD are extremely grateful to Koenraad and Smruti for having led us through a revision of the Foundation’s strategy and establishing the basis for a renewed five year strategic plan.

Both Koenraad Van Brabant and Smruti Patel have been very forthcoming, easy-going personalities and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Their extensive experience in field work in various countries, as well as their competence as consultants brought much insight into our discussions.

All participants in our "strategic retreat" have learned much from Koenraad and Smruti through their leadership and guidance in a challenging exercise. We highly recommend these two consultants to any organisation in need of revising their strategy or projects.

IOM Turkey MEAL Unit

On behalf of IOM Turkey MEAL Unit, we would like to thank you for the support and guidance you gave us during the time we worked together.

We learnt a lot during the scooping mission visit especially reflecting on our AAP mechanisms and the constructive feedback you shared with us.

We will continue to reflect the feedback to improve the quality of our AAP systems and we wish you all the best!

Miriam: PSEA consultant with UNICEF in South Sudan

I have to say thanks to the HAP then, your personal contribution to building my capacity on PSEA. I am a better and knowledgeable person thanks to you. Thought I should let you know how proud I am of you. God bless

We are setting up CBCMs in South Sudan as a PSEA taskforce and you can't imagine how the knowledge you imparted in me is being in use.....all UN agencies are tapping into it! I know your work leaves positive impacts everywhere you go.

Feedback on Coaching - NGO leader

Thanks so much for helping me to find myself again. I really appreciate it. I believe I am now on the right path towards full recovery. I am also convinced I am able to continue on the positive path with the insights you gave me. I am really grateful that you choose to help me on this journey that can sometimes be lonely and challenging.

I would say that you are really insightful. you have a unique way of helping your clients to find solutions to their own challenges. Further, you have a talent in heling them to have confidence in their own unique qualifications and abilities.

Participants in a team coaching retreat

I wanted to thank you for providing us with an open atmosphere that was conducive to different types of exchange. You brought out positive thoughts/reflections from many of us. The calm and serenity with which you approached the challenging/hurtful conversations was desperately needed. I only regret that we did not have an additional day to get through more of the muddy waters! "

“I have very much appreciated your ‘savoir être’. You reminded me of who I am and where I would like to go. You reawakened my courage and confidence that I can and will find my way and that I have to go for it.”